New Style Pipe, Detachable And Portable Pipe, Birthday Gift

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New Style Pipe, Detachable And Portable Pipe, Birthday Gift

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Metal tube and gift box: This is a zinc alloy tube, the metal tube is combined with a magnet, which is easy to clean. It also includes a tube box, which can not only place the tube, but also has a place for the tube to store tobacco, which is convenient for you to use. How to use: As the tube is combined with the magnet, please do not remove the tube from the tube during use, so as not to leave the tube without being attracted by the magnet. It is best to slide the lid to the side of the tube when using it. Three-piece design: The pipeline is a three-piece barrel design, combined with magnets, which is easy to disassemble and clean. Good gifts: spoon-shaped shape, hidden pipe design, not only a pipe, but also a collection, it is definitely a good gift for relatives and friends. Product description Color name: black Unique design-The pipe kit is made of zinc alloy, with smooth corner treatment and carefully polished surface, combined with a unique buckle ring and strong magnetic design. Safety-The use of professional heat insulation technology allows you to keep your fingers cool when you touch the bottom of the pipe during use. Easy to use and portable-96 * 32 * 18 mm is small enough to put this pipe in your pocket. Comes with a carrying case (you can put a lighter in it) and 3 packs of metal screens. Easy to clean-Detachable 3-part design, easy to clean. Always keep the pipes clean to provide fresh smoke. It is recommended to heat and disinfect the valve stem for the first use, and clean it for 2-3 times.

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