Alpha H Liquid Gold

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About Alpha H Liquid Gold firming lotionA powerful revitalising and firming lotion, this international bestseller works overnight to help rejuvenate and increase radiance in ageing and mature skin. The resurfacing power of 5% glycolic acid and licorice extract works to smooth and brighten the complexion, tackling uneven or congested skin whilst collagen production is boosted, resulting in increased firmness and elasticity. The signs of discolouration, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, open or enlarged pores, and pigmentation are visibly improved and the skin is left clear and luminous. Ideal for mature skins, or those with sun damage or thickened areas, Liquid Gold helps revitalise and freshen leaving skin plump, clear and youthful. Some things that Liquid Gold is not:-A cleanser, toner or moisturiserAn acid that is going to burn your face offDifficult to useA load of hypeA product that will just end up sitting on your bathroom shelf gathering dust due to lack of results.In fact, Liquid Gold is a treatment product - much like a treatment serum that you may already use - just a bit more, well, liquid-y

What is Glycolic Acid?The main ingredient in the product is a naturally-derived substance from the sugar cane plant called glycolic acid. Now we understand that the term &


39; may have you running for this hills right now, but please do let me cast you back to your school chemistry days to remember that an acid is simply a substance with a pH of less than 7, and that skin&

39;s natural surface pH is slightly acidic itself at around 5.5 and so it actually favours slightly acid products. Liquid Gold contains 5% glycolic acid, which gently works to dissolve the the fats that are binding the dead skin cells on the upper layers of your skin together, so that they are easily removed to reveal the fresher, younger, and more healthy looking skin cells below. Over time, this will reduce fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, soften wrinkles and generally improve the skin&

39;s functioning. See? Not scary in the slightest

How to use Liquid GoldOne of the best things about this product is that it is suitable for pretty much every skin type, even you sensitive folk. If you do have sensitive skin, it&

39;s recommended that you apply the product to a cotton pad dampened with a small amount of water before applying to your skin to begin with so the solution is slightly diluted and your skin can become accustomed to it - there should be a slight tingling sensation for a moment, which shows the product is working and should not be feared (in fact you will probably come to love that tingling sensation as most do, myself included). If you have more thickened or oily skin, you should be fine to apply Liquid Gold using a dry cotton pad.The product should be used at night after cleansing with a non-foaming cleanser, 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days and a least one day before/after any other glycolic or AHA type treatment. Used like this, a bottle of Liquid Gold should last 3-4 months, making it great value for such a highly concentrated and results driven product. To get the full benefits of the product, refrain from using any serums or moisturisers on the nights you use Liquid Gold to allow the product to go to work, loosening those dead skin cells uninterrupted.How long will it take to see results?Well, it depends on the current health of your skin and how many of those dead skin layers you have to shift, but most people will see a result within 2 weeks and definitely within a month; many will also notice an immediate brightening, smoothing and mattifying effect as the product wipes away the already loosened surface dirt and dead cells. Do make sure that your regular moisturizer, BB Cream or foundation has an SPF included in the formula to make sure you&

39;re protecting those lovely new, plump skin cells from any UV damage (which will happen even in the groggiest of British autumns), and if it hasn&

39;t, we recommend Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+. Apart from this, and ensuring that you&

39;re not using a foaming cleanser as mentioned above, you can see how quick and easy it is to add this product to your skincare routine and to boost the effects of the other products you are using alongside it.Expert Interview with Tom Ogden from Alpha HTom Ogden from Alpha H explains the benefits and uses of Liquid Gold in an exclusive interview with Bath & Unwind&

39;s Emily. Complimentary productsIf you&

39;re looking for a glycolic product to use during the daytime to get even better results, Alpha H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear is just the product and includes tiny bronzing spheres which burst upon application to give a more luminous look to your skin, as well as all the anti-ageing and skin lifting benefits of both glycolic and hyaluronic acid. The new Liquid Gold Rose can also be found here.

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